K.E.Y.A. Volunteer

Have you ever thought about becoming a K.E.Y.A. volunteer? Just visit with our staff. Training is done individually. Interested applicants must be able to read well and have a good command of the English language. If you like music and are interested in learning to be an announcer, have a chat with our Program Director, Jarle Kvale. As an announcer, you’ll also be developing music programs like The Night Owl’s Nest,  Country & Western and Oldies, and announcing during our sports broadcasting. Kimberly Thomas currently organizes our off-air work and Richard Thomas will answer any Underwriting or Membership questions. June Poitra will answer billing questions. Engineering and computer volunteers should talk to Kimberly Thomas. Applications are available at K.E.Y.A. or you may also contact K.E.Y.A. at 701-477-5686.

K.E.Y.A. Radio 88.5FM

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